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I ship Larry. Supernatural ruined my life.

When Shake It Up first started, my best friend and I said we were like the main characters of the show, Cece & Rocky. I was Cece because I was a short troublemaker, and she was Rocky because she was tall and shy. But we said this mostly because we were, and still are, best friends. 

I grew some, and she grew as well. Time flew by with many fun times and many fights. Somehow, our friendship endured it all.

I flipped on the TV one day, and the Disney channel appeared on the screen. It was an advertisement for an episode of Shake It Up, one that looked interesting. 

About a week passed and I had forgotten about the commercial.

Once again, I turned on the TV to find the Disney channel. The episode I’d seen advertised the week before was premiering.

Cece & Rocky were in a fashion show where something went horribly awry, making Cece fall off the stage and hit her head so hard she lost her memory.

This is when I started to pay more attention.

Cece went into surgery and came out not knowing who anyone was, including Rocky. Cece’s mother felt it would be good not to pressure Cece, so Rocky bit her tongue while Cece lead herself to believe her enemy, Tinka, was her best friend.

At the end of the episode, things boiled inside of Rocky and she broke down and begged Cece to remember. I was on the brink of bawling like a child.

And then, she remembered. She remembered her friends, her hatred for Tinka, her family, but most of she remembered Rocky and all they’d been through together. 

For those who don’t know, I’ve recently gone through a crisis in which I was suicidal. I cut ties with a parent and that side of my family and I can honestly say it felt like being dragged through the pits of Hell. 

But one of the few comforts I had during that low point was the fact that my Rocky would want me to be happy. She wouldn’t want me to kill myself, she’d want me to get help. Not only would it end my life, but it’d leave a permanent scar on her for the rest of hers. And no matter how much I wanted to end the pain, I couldn’t do that to her. I never will be able to drag her through Hell like that. She’s too important to me.

That’s when I realized I’d done the most cliche thing possible: I’d somehow began to see her as more than just my best friend. 

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